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Crash Club at the Babylon Lounge

Since the club has only just launched, it's a bit soon to put up a full page about it. What there is here is biased towards rock and metal since I didn't get to the other floor on the Launch night. You can get an idea what it's like by reading the Launch Night review and visiting the Club's own site.

What you'll hear

On the rock floor at least, the launch night played a wide selection of tracks from old fart stuff to metal recent and otherwise, punk and hardcore. The other floor was probably a bit less in your face musically.

What you won't hear:

At a guess, Kylie Minogue, N'Sync and anything in the charts.

Dancefloor humour

None in evidence on the launch night (unless you count Bon Jovi, which was too soft rock to fit in with the rest of the music).

Musical accessibility

Moderate, in that everyone would have recognised something but it was so wide ranging that unless you like every sub-genre of rock, metal, grunge etc the chances of hearing a lot of stuff that's not entirely your cup of tea was probably quite high.

Online - Club website and forums

The Club's website has a professional feel to it, and contains a basic online forum for chat and messaging within it. Da management seem to read messages posted there, since they replied to a request for a list of the artists that would be getting an airing on the launch night.


The Babylon Lounge on Hove seafront, a couple of hundred yards west of the King Alfred centre. From Brighton, head out along the seafront road, past the West Pier. Watch out for the building with the glowing blue sign on the seaward side of the road.

From the outside, it doesn't look like much but inside it's really quite pleasant. There are two floors, and on the launch night both were open but the ground floor didn't get visited, however it's apparently smaller than upstairs and was reported to be very crowded.

Upstairs, it's a long, long, multi-level room with the bar in the middle, the danceloor and DJ booth at one end and a chillout area at the other. There's split level seating both above and below the dance floor, and there's enough seating that there's a reasonable chance of having a sit-down, maybe even getting a table. Generally, the decor, seating, and lighting system make it feel quite upmarket.

Dress Code

None - it's not that sort of night! There'll be a few really exotic outfits standing out amongst the band T-shirts, plenty of baggy denim trousers, and a respectable presence of those of a black'n'mascara inclination (of both sexes). You'd probably have to wear a tweed jacket to look out of place.

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